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Six Tone Song is a PVP/Mercenary/Wealth focused Roleplaying Guild on the Tahyang server that is aligned with the Eastern Faction. The Song Clan is a clan for the 'clanless', an organization with a history and Code which the members both add to and subtract from. 

Six Tone Song is managed with a structure that separates powers as much as possible in order to give individuals free reign via in-character manipulation of 'The Code.' The Code is a living document which provides (enforceable) guide lines of behavior, separates outside individuals and organizations into different camps, etc. It will be as strong and rigid, or as free and liberal, as the members of Six Tone Song choose to make it via in-character interaction. The official 'Guild Master' of Six Tone Song, in game, is a symbolic figure roleplayed by one of the founders. He will rarely appear, probably never give orders, and otherwise exist as a story element so that individual members of Six Tone Song (or other guilds) can make use of him for plot points. 

Ranks, tradition, and most of all honor are the important elements of this martially inclined guild. 

Because the quality of the Code is determined by the membership, we seek only high-quality individuals in this organization. We are not a zerg guild by any stretch of the term; indeed, it is our goal to build a PVP oriented organization capable of disrupting Zergs via clever tactics and organization. We want members who are worth two members, not twice the number of individuals on the roster.

If you are interested in membership, or learning more, please click "Mission", then "The Codes" in the top menu above. There you will find a very detailed break down of guidelines for in-character and out-of-character conduct, the history of the guild from a story perspective, the Codes themselves, and everything you should need to determine if Six Tone Song is the right guild for you.